GTA-SA Objects

 Furniture, Kitchen Items, Office Items

Airport Items, Sign, Toys.

Bar Items, Dining Table and Chairs, Benches.

Construction Stuff, Ladders, Stairs, Others

Doors, Glass Windows, Garage Door,.

 Vending Machine, Dining Items, Food.

 Clothes, Hats.

Benches, Dining Table + Chair, Furniture, Stool, Office Items.

Casino Items.

Furniture, TVs, Kitchen Items, Bed, GYM Items, Toilet Items.

Fishes, Beach Items, Sea Plant.

Stairs, Others.

Stunt Items.

Plant, Pot, Bushes, Flowers.

Exploding Items, Barrels, Other Structure Items and Signs.

Box, Containers, Toys in box, Barrels.

Cashier Items, Food, Toys, Store Items.

Kitchen Items, Furniture.

Trash Items, Boxes, Furniture, Pile of rocks and trash.

Lamp Post, Traffic Light, Tent, Others.

Area 51's Items, Office Items, Rockets, Others



Road Sign, Sign, Statue.